Taking Another Crack at Dead Island

IMG_20180805_000339I got Dead Island out on PS4 the other day. My gamer buddy and I decided to play it again. We already completed Dead Island on the PS3, so why not the definitive edition on PS4. Dead Island is a role-playing, survival, horror, action game. It was published by Deep Silver and developed by Techland. Considering I find zombies unnerving at the best of times, this is one of my favourite games to play.

The music in the game and loading screens is pretty eerie. I know what you’re going to say. ‘It’s supposed to sound like that.’ Yeah, you’re right. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to find it freaky. Then there’s that zombie-like laugh. It can be heard every so often during game play. Every time I hear it, the first thing I think is ‘Oh God’. I can’t forget to mention the sounds of the zombies, themselves. I always know when an infected zombie is running towards me because I can hear it snarling in the distance. It’s the not knowing where it’s coming from that makes it worse. Just like I always know when I’m close to a thug zombie because that roar is unmistakable.


The gameplay is the best part, simply because it can be so challenging and rage inducing. I have to complete a number of side quests, as well as the main quests, to collect enough xp to fill the skill tree. All this enables my character to gain more health, stamina and develop the new skills needed to survive the zombie apocalypse. Personally, I find the first person perspective quite annoying. Especially when it comes to attacking the zombies. But, I soon got used to it. Having a choice of melee weapons to pick up and then creating a new weapon, using a mod blueprint, is pretty fun. But, not as fun as seeing what these weapons do to the zombies. My favourite part about the game is the open world aspect of it. The online multiplayer allows up to four players to co-exist together, while completing the main story. Which makes killing the zombies so much easier. I have played the game solo and still completed it. But it does get a bit tedious. So if you do decide to play it again, play it on multiplayer.


The map for the Island of Banoi is pretty huge. So the fast travel maps can be a godsend. Cars are pretty hard to find and there is nothing worse than running from one place to the next. I just had to hope my character had the stamina to get there before I got attacked by a horde of zombies.

Overall, Dead Island is a good game to play. It is very challenging in places and is much better when playing with other online players. The horror, survival aspect of the game is probably more appealing if you enjoy anything to do with zombies or, like me, they freak you out a bit. It’s definitely worth at least one play through. Especially if you want a bit of rage play.

Dead Island rating 7 out of 10

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